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Today's question is favorite image or screen cap. This is a quick one, which is good--today was long! This image is a weird favorite--I don't know, it captures Avon's character for me in a way most stills don't. Not the most flattering shot of him (although not the least, either--he's not particularly photogenic!), but it just has a certain something. I've spent too much time looking at it.

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I am a girl with a short skirt (actually, that's a lie. Normal jeans over here) and a looooong playlistCollapse )


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Today's item is "favorite guest character."

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So, I am officially doing the 30 Days of Any TV Show Meme. Today's topic is "what you wish happened."

JENNA: Maybe some dreams are worth having.
AVON: You don't really believe that.
JENNA: No, but I'd like to.

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Here are two B7 vids! One I made with corngold, the other my boyfriend made himself.

Here's the vid I made with corngold. This was lots of fun. Thanks, corngold! You may notice it's more tasteful than my usual thing. She's a good influence.

Here's the vid my bf made. I love it completely. Can't. Stop. Watching. You may notice that it's not tasteful at all. I'm a bad influence.

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Hello, flist. I have just made a quick and dirty B/A vid to Icona Pop's "I Don't Care (I Love It)." Do you love Series 4 best? No? Do you love pop music? No? Well, perhaps the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts (or perhaps not...). Anyway, this was just for fun. In case you think Avon is too much of a (90s) bitch in this song, I'm also reposting another vid I made a month or so ago, to Mary Wells' "My Guy," to balance the scales. I don't, however, think that the two vids tell particularly different stories, despite appearances.

"I Don't Care":

"My Guy":

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So, A Softer World is a webcomic I sometimes read and enjoy. Over the years, I've seen a few fandom specific remixes (same text as the comic, images from the show), which the authors of the webcomic encourage. I decided to make a few remixes for Blake's 7, just for fun. Remixes are below the cut. This is one of those posts maybe better suited to tumblr, but oh well.

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Some questions/thoughts about the unmade Doctor Who serial Collapse )
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So, you know Tom Swifties? I've been amusing myself coming up with some Doctor Who themed ones. Read on at your own risk. Bad puns are bad:

"Perhaps I should just take her name," Rory pondered.

"Excuse me, but I'm the medical doctor," Martha cut in.

"And I have a badge in mathematical excellence," added Adric.

"Hello, Sweetie!" River sang.

"I wish you would just go on and call me Jo, Master. Though I known you're only trying to be polite," Jo granted.

Feel free to join in, flist.
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