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Wouldn't it be great if we could recruit more people into B7 fandom? I think what we need is to lure them in with clickbait. Well, not really, but I find the idea amusing.

Someone told this man he'd never see Earth again. You won't believe what happened next.

Click to Learn One Great Trick to Lose 75 Kilos

These five convicted criminals are heroes. And it's not for the reason you think.

There are three good reasons for anyone not to like you. And you'll never guess what they are.

What happened to his face!? You won't believe this is really Blake.

Feel free to comment with more of your own, if you find this amusing XP
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So, my wonderful boyfriend has done some slick coding that lets us extract all of the dialogue for any given character in a Blake's 7 transcript (or compilation of transcripts). I've used this code to create word clouds (a vice of mine) for Blake's series 1 & 2 dialogue, Avon's series 1 & 2 dialogue, and all of Avon's dialogue in the entire show. I'm embedding the word clouds so that you all can have a look. It's very easy to generate these, so if anyone has a request for a character (Zen? Orac? Dayna? Jenna?), feel free to ask away. One thing I notice is that obviously Avon is very obsessed with Blake, and vice versa, but Blake is clearly the leader and speaks accordingly. Where Avon hardly uses anyone's name but Blake's, Blake uses everyone's name quite frequently (though Gan less than the others). Since I've done Avon's dialogue across all of the series, it's hard to compare their leadership styles based on these. I could make a 3&4 Avon wordle, though, if that interests people. Anyway, speculations, observations and requests welcome!

An Avon For All SeasonsCollapse )

Edit: Now Hosted on Tinypic instead of Wordle so that people without Java can view :)
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I think the Myers Briggs is mostly nonsense, but I enjoy taking personality tests as B7 characters, and this one is well suited. If you feel the same, I invite you to take the Myers Briggs as a B7 character or two (or look up the descriptions of the types and choose that way) and tell me what you think they'd be. This one is decent: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

And provides decent descriptions of the types: http://www.16personalities.com/personality-types

And this one is quick and dirty, but gave me the same result the longer version did, when I took it as myself:


My results so far are:

Blake: ENTJ
Avon: ISTJ
Travis: Also ISTJ!
Cally: INFJ (my type)
Tarrant ESTP (my opposite)
Dayna: ESFP
Servalan: ISFP

Jenna is stumping me. I tried taking it as her, but the result I got didn't fit at all. :/
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Name ~3 B7 fics you think I wouldn't ever, ever write, and I'll try to write a snippet of at least one of them.

I know I don't write that often, so it might not be obvious. :/
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Today's topic is best series opener. I think everyone must agree that that's The Way Back, and not just because of the shock of Tal and Masha Varon getting shot at the end. It's a great episode for establishing the Federation and how it works, with surprising and fresh writing all the way through.

Like aralias, though, despite thinking it's the best series opener, it's probably not my favorite. For that, I'd have to choose "Aftermath," which is sexy and fun (although it's not all fun and games, obviously). It doesn't follow on that well from "Star One," which is disappointing, but it's a great episode for Dayna, Avon, Servalan, and Hal Mellanby (sadly his only one, which is what makes this episode not all fun and games). It's sort of interesting that they seemed to toy with making Avon more heroic in this ep. It doesn't really seem to have been part of a serious, sustained effort to change his character in Series 3, so I wonder what was going on there. Still, I like that about it. I also like that it works as a two-parter with Power Play, which is another favorite episode of mine.

And the questions...Collapse )


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Today's topic (actually yesterday's, but I forgot) is something that made you laugh.

The real question is 'with, or at?'Collapse )

And the questions...Collapse )


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Today's topic is something that made you think.

Going to do a list again. These range from silly to less silly...Collapse )

And the questions...Collapse )


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Today's topic is Something that made you happyCollapse )

And the questions...Collapse )


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Today's topic is best use of a hoary old trope.

I've chosen the end of Stardrive, where Avon kills Doctor Plaxton.Collapse )

And the questions...Collapse )


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Today's topic is "worst decision." Blake and Avon have each made some bad ones, but surely the award goes to

TRAVIS!Collapse )

And the questions...Collapse )


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